lunes, 29 de diciembre de 2008

So now you know why I was asking about royal titles.

Just so we're clear:

I'm not subbing this. I couldn't possibly handle two anime projects at the same time, and Dougram takes priority. I repeat: I AM NOT SUBBING THIS.

Also: I believe these subs to be quite crappy. I was mostly fucking around, trying to get it done in a day, and guessworked my way through some lines.

Maybe (and that's a giant 'maybe'), in the grim darkness of the far future, I will take up this project. But that won't be any time soon. If you want to see this subbed now, and have the skills to do it, either contact Grey Phantom or get the raws from /rs/ (courtesy of Kasperl)


We cool?


Badass motherfucker? I think so!

Panzer World Galient - Episode 1 - The Legend Begins

The atmosphere is so unlike Dougram, and not just because of the fantasy setting. It's a lot more HIGH ADVENTURE than GRIMDARK, and I like it.

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Derek VG dijo...


Congratulations, you just blew my mind.

Seriously. You were fast on your way to becoming an /m/ legend before, this proves you're god-tier.

Thank you so much. Even if it's just one episode, this is an amazing gift.

Felipe dijo...

No wn, la cagaste, sinceramente eres el AMO de /m/
tenemos que juntarnos un dia a tomar unas chelas (si no tomas, cualquier otra cosa) con mis amigos... yo invito... y mejor aun, con un amigo podemos pasarte TONELADAS de raws de series antiguas... hasta DVDs R2!!!!
sinceramente NO HAY FORMA DE AGRADECER todo lo que haces... aunque sea solo este capitulo, ya es un gran avance...

EdZ dijo...

You, sir, are awesome.

Anónimo dijo...

Sir, I can say nothing more besides the fact that you are one of the greatest heroes /m/ankind has ever known.

Xeogred dijo...

I think he's surpassed hero level, with a power level beyond maximum. /m/'s God perhaps?

Haha, anyways this is epic. I keep wondering if you'll perhaps pickup something else in the future ... Layzner, or the OVA's? Heh. Alas Dougram is definitely the most important thing right now and I totally agree and I have to say 15 episodes already is incredible.

Well, like everyone else is saying I just have to say I really appreciate your work. This is a pretty cool extra, maybe something we'll see in the future or perhaps this'll inspire someone else to pick it up? Takahashi's stuff definitely deserves its praise.

soundwave810 dijo...

If you worked on this series after Dougram, it would be so epically awesome.

BTW thanks for working on Dougram!
I always wanted to see it.
Thanks again!