miércoles, 15 de abril de 2009

WMV Woes

Things are a little off-color for our Deloyeran buddies, as you can see.

I don't quite understand what I'm doing wrong here. I used a program (the name of which I can't remember right now) to convert my .WMV raws into .AVIs Aegisub could work with, but that program went down the drain when the laptop got fried. I've tried converting the files with two different programs now (MediaEncoder and Any Video Converter) and either the conversion doesn't work at all, I only get a sound file, or I get messed up video like this screencap.

Anyone here wise enough in the ways of converting to figure out what's going on? I hate not being a video guy.

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nuppo99 dijo...

Dougram Dude! ;_;

Okay, I'm really not sure about this, and some guys on /m/ are talking about it ATM, so don't take me too seriously, but one thing I was thinking of, have you tried zamzar.com?


I think it can convert .wmvs to .avis, though the quality is generally poor. If all else fails though it might be worth a shot. Good luck man, you are a hero!!!!

Crinn Cashim dijo...

I appreciate the suggestion, but it's limited to 100MB files - the raws are around 280MB a pop.

Reb dijo...

WMV files should work just fine in the newest builds of Aegisub, so you shouldn't even need to "convert" it, I suggest you upgrade to the latest build.

Otherwize I would suggest a quick reencode using vdub or megui.

EdZ dijo...

You could always try Super. It's got a pretty horrific interface, but it generally works with whatever you throw at it. YaMB might work too, but I have a funny feeling it's dodgy in regards to WMVs.

EdZ dijo...

Whoops, forget my links:

Phelps dijo...

Try using MeGUI:

The interface is not friendly at all, and you'll probably need to google for a tutorial, but it's one of the most powerful encoding tools around, and it has very nice presets for both XVid and H264.

sasword dijo...
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sasword dijo...

not sure what you've tried, but i'd use MeGUI's AVS script creator tool or write out your own avisynth script in notepad. and then convert to avi either in MeGUI itself or (i've been encoding too long) virtualdub or virtualdubmod. hopefully you've figured it out by now though, just wanted to try to help.

ill take a look at them myself if nothing else, hope you're doing better and have some episodes coming soon !

Steel A Jeeg dijo...

Have you tried AllToAvi?

It seems to work well with tricky files. Give it a shot.

Wild Goose dijo...

Crinn, I can help with the conversions. I sent you an Email.