viernes, 4 de marzo de 2011

Metal Jojo Solid

TACTICAL ESPIONAGE ACTION and things that can't be unseen. Goddammit, Takahashi.

Deprecated - see this link

Thanks to SRWE for the raws!

PS: Also, uhm. There is a Paypal button at the side, there. Just saying. :embarrassed:

5 comentarios:

starseeker dijo...

The paypal button reminds me of sasword's soup button for some reason.

saitta4 dijo...


Crinn Cashim dijo...

Soup is nice.

gunlord dijo...

awwww yeah 8) Maybe not right now, but if I ever get a paypal account maybe I will give you some suga ;_;

T dijo...

Maybe it's because I'm drunk or maybe it's because I like what you do, but gave you a dollar.

Don't spend it all at once.