domingo, 23 de agosto de 2009

Look at that face. Goddamn.

'80s quality. Never change.

[Deprecated - see this link]

Three words for this episode: Ghillie Suit Soltics.

Still mucking around with the encoding, I think I got it this time. Tell me what you think about it.

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Anónimo dijo...

Fuck yeah! You are awsum as always Crinn!!

RyviusX dijo...

Yup, encoding seemed great in this one.

Again, here's the DDL for those who want it: Dougram 21

Pinkhamster dijo...

WHOA, you are rocking these out Crinn! You are so damn cool!!! Thank you so much.

Alexander dijo...
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Joel dijo...

You really ought to be getting more comments for these things.

Seriously, for subbing Dougram you are officially the coolest person on the internet. I haven't been this captivated by an anime since Votoms.

Speaking of which, any chance of tackling Shining Heresy?

Crinn Cashim dijo...

I would need to watch VOTOMS first. :D

RyviusX dijo...

You... of all people haven't seen Votoms?! :0

Joel dijo...

VOTOMS should be the first thing to check out once Dougram is done, then.

As fun as Dougram is... the worst elements are absent from Votoms, and the best elements are much, much more refined. It ain't perfect, but it's damned close.

This Ryousuke Takahashi fellow... he's one cool cat.

Anónimo dijo...

Great work, bro! Happy to see you back in action.

Don't let us get in the way of studies\work\life in general, though.
Just take it easy, work on subs when you feel like it, and try no to get "burned out" again!

Really appreciate your work! Keep it up.

Anónimo dijo...

Also, how about making a batch torrent?

Oughta get a few more people intersted in the show.

Scott dijo...

I heard you haven't quite seen Votoms yet. If not I can believe I can be of service.If you so desire, I could burn what I have on DVDs and mail way down south Brazil way. After all the work that the infamous one man army has done for us, it'd be the very least I could do.


Joel dijo...


I think a big problem is the lack of visibility. I wouldn't even know about these subs if I didn't go on /m/.

They're not listed in any of the big anime fansub torrent databases--BakaUpdates or AnimeSuki.

Mechatastrophe dijo...

Wow! Thank you Crinn. I have wantd to see this show for years! Also thanks to Ryvius for the handy DL for we the torrentless.

RyviusX dijo...

Yeah, I'll keep it up with the DDL's if Crinn doesn't mind. Also I've been meaning to ask for awhile now about doing a batch torrent, I totally wouldn't mind doing it right now if you guys want it and of course, if Crinn doesn't mind? lol

With the previous episodes being DDL only, maybe a batch of 1-21 will help stir up a little more buzz for those who've been missing out.

Only problem is I'm on a laptop and my upload speeds aren't the best, but I guess it worked with our mSubs Mellowlink release when I did that, so maybe I shouldn't fret.