sábado, 1 de agosto de 2009


This is where I mention my crazy adventures that kept me from updating the blog and uploading more subs, where I detail the myriad battles against armies of sub ninjae armed with fridge-sized shuriken launchers, where I describe strange, wondrous vistas I had the opportunity to witness in my travels through the Earth.

But then again, I can't do that, since none of that shit happened.

The truth is, I was burned out. Not just on Dougram, but on mecha as a whole. I stopped visiting /m/, I deleted the first Rebuild movie without even watching it once, I ignored Basquash even though I had sworn to follow it. I was tired. College and the fritzed laptop didn't help matters, let me tell you.

But now, some seven months after the last release, I'm here. No Dougram yet, though, but I hope you like what I have brought to you from my journeys.

I can't tell you yet if I'm "back" or not. I don't really know it myself. But here is an apology, in three .mkv files.

And if for some godsforsaken reason you held up hope: thank you.


Enough with the emo bullshit, and let me tell you a story of an age long past:

An age of steel swords!

An age of steel monsters!

An age of manly men!

An age of young heroes!

An age of MANLY MEN

An age of OMG BOOBS

It was the age of the Panzer World!

Panzer World Galient, Episodes 1-3
The Legend Begins
Galient Awakens
The Battle of White Valley


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nuppo99 dijo...

Crinn! ;_;

No matter how long it took, we believed in you ;_; If you're really burnt out on /m/echa, well, I guess we can't do much to change that, but if you're back, hopefully you must have regained at least a bit of your interest, right? Whatever the case may be, thank you for everything you have done for us, my friend.

RyviusX dijo...

/m/'s a phase thing for me too thesedays. I haven't been there in months and well, it's ... been kind of nice?

Anyways, I don't want to speak for them myself, but perhaps you could popup at mSubs forums sometime Crinn? Maybe some people there would be interested in helping you out with some projects, taking some weight off your shoulders since you've been a one man army here. They're awesome people there.

But most importantly, definitely glad to see you back. More Galient is a nice change though not super surprising since you did the first episode awhile back ... above all though, glad to see you stick with Takahashi stuff! Hehe.

Keep it up man. Nice to see you back, we appreciate it. Screw the onslaught of groups subbing bullshit thesedays, this is stuff we need to see.

sasword [mSubs] dijo...

glad to see you're back. i hadn't given up hope on you either. as an /m/ subber i don't really visit /m/ either and know how it goes. either way thanks a TON for the galient (i wanted to try subbing it but it was hard...)!

Scott dijo...

YOU ARE FUCKING AWESOME. No really. YOU ARE THE /M/AN. Despite it all you've managed to hang tough. I don't suppose I could perhaps donate to exchange goods for services rendered? I'm serious here. As for the phase thing, You are you. If you are not interested in /m/ things as you as you were, I can't say I'd blame you if you decided to take a sabbatical.In fact I'd say I'd be a total asshole to judge you because of that. As for /m/ itself, it is a silly place. To feel bad for not visiting there often is nothing to be ashamed or worried about. Outside of Gunlords uploads of the Dougram, Layzner, abd Galient artbooks and Kasperl finding the Galient soundtrack, I can't say you really missed too much.

EdZ dijo...

I think "HOLY SHIT IT'S PANZER WORLD MOTHERFUCKING GALIENT!" about sums things up. Don't worry aobut taking time out: after several decades of waiting for Dougram, a little more waiting is hardly an issue.

AirMaster dijo...

Nice to have you back man.

Thanks a lot for the new subs :)

Test dijo...

i found this site few days ago and i hope you wont quite after all:]
we are counting on you with mecha series:]
sorry for my english:]

navin75 dijo...

who LECOQUE cringe keeps talking about?

navin75 dijo...

who is LECOQUE cringe keeps talking about?

Pinkhamster dijo...

Thank you for coming back, Crinn. I hope you continue Dougram. For some crazy reason it's never gotten a commercial release or fansub. I don't understand it... This is prime anime history. Same with Xabungle. I'm so grateful to you, AXSUS, mSubs, Shin-Getter Fansubs, and Anime-Classic for doing these neglected shows. You are a real hero to me.