martes, 6 de abril de 2010

And now for something completely different


No, I'm no goddomn spood sobbor. And it's probably all wrong anyway. But shit, this definitely looks like a fun series. SOMEONE, PICK THIS SHIT UP.

Senkou no Night Raid - Episode 1 - Rescue
(.ass subs, get a raw file to watch this)

These subs have been hacked out by one sick fansubber, on a couple of hours, without QC or anything fancy like that. For all that I know, the series could be about high school hijinks in '30s Paris.

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Gunlord dijo...

You're sick? ;_; Hope you feel better soon Dougram Dude!

I will check this out sometime though. it is some WWII anime, right? :o

Anónimo dijo...

So lucky someone is subbing this. I've been wanting to watch it. You are awesome, hope you get better soon!

/a/non dijo...

Awesome. I hope you get well soon. In the future, I can also assist with the Chinese parts, as I'm fluent in Chinese, even the broken kind that the Japanese VAs speak. Fire a comment off on my blog or mail me at anonymous_scanlations openmail cc

Anónimo dijo...

Oh, man! Feel beter soon, bro!

In any case, looks like [commie] picked this series up, and I bet a few more will do the same in the following weeks, just like Sora No Woto.

federico dijo...

A subtitle for Rainbow is possible ?

Anónimo dijo...

I hope you are ok. And I hope you can sub the next episode soon too!