viernes, 28 de mayo de 2010

What's that, too many Nanashi pics?


Didn't think so.

[Deprecated - see this link]

Thanks to Bait for the encodes! Enjoy the overkill!

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Gunlord dijo...

downloadan :D Thanks Crinn.

AirMaster dijo...

>Too many Nanashi pics.

No such thing. Thanks for the episode :)

Gunlord dijo...

Hey bro, I put it up on MU for the folks who cant torrent:


Rob dijo...

Great! Thanks a lot.

Anónimo dijo...

Question: how does Bait encode the episodes? (100mb releases are much smaller than ~200mb and so liked to reeencode some eps of other animes :o)

Anónimo dijo...

You can't stop the Crinn-train!

Choo choo cha boogie!

J Locke dijo...

Would it be possible for someone totally awesome like Gunlord to post megaupload links for the episodes which don't have them of the recent batch - 39, 41-43? There was one provided for 40, and almost all of the preceding ones, but there hasn't been one for those and I need to download them before I can continue the series!

Gunlord dijo...

J Locke bro, most of the MU links were posted on /m/. Just search for "Dougram" on /rs/ and they should be there:


J Locke dijo...

Unfortunately, Gunlord, I'm banned from all the boards due to someone on my campus network apparently spamming. That's why I haven't been able to find the links on /rs/

Gunlord dijo...

Okee, lemme repost em.






hope this helps!

J Locke dijo...

Thanks for that! I also found out hsbsitez is collecting the torrents and reuploading on various file sharing sites, and was wondering if Crinn knew about this: